Official Speaker at Occupy AIPAC linked to David Duke, Questions Official Naarative of the Holocaust


Jeff Blankfort was an official speaker at the Occupy AIPAC Protest.

His Dirty Little Secret:  He appeared on a radio show right after the host praised David Duke.  He went on to question the official naarative of the Holocaust and proclaim that 9/11 was a Zionist/Mossad conspiracy.

According to Occupy AIPAC schedule:

Regular Mondoweiss contributor Jeff Blankfort is featured as a speaker on Saturday March 3rd at the Occupy AIPAC protest –

From Occupy AIPAC website:

5:30-7:30: AIPAC – What it is, who its allies are, why it’s dangerous and how to stop it A workshop organized by CNI, If Americans Knew, and the Institute for Research: Middle Eastern Policy (IRmep) featuring Hatem Bazian, Grant F. Smith, Janet McMahon, Jeffrey Blankfort, and Alison Weir. Click here for more details

Who is Jeff Blankfort???

He appeared on Radio Show of Hisham Talawi exactly 5 years ago – Talawi is a conspiracy theorist who believes that JFK assasination was due to the Israel lobby.  Blankfort appeared on the radio show right after Talawi gave an endorsement of Duke’s racial views.

You can view the shocking video of Blankfort’s appearance right here:

Tallawi starts by defending the Holocaust revisionist conference held in Iran before defending David Duke – his defense of Duke starts at minute 10:00 in the interview.  Says he “agrees with David Duke about the Zionist supremacists”  Immediately afterwards Talawi brings Blankfort on the show.  Rather than condemn David Duke, the Occupy AIPAC speaker says (at minute 44:15),  “When it comes to talking about Israel-Palestine – David Duke and Pat Buchanan are more informative than Noam Chomsky or people on the left.”

Here are some additional Blankfort quotes from the interview

At Minute 17:00 about the Holocaust denial conference in Iran:

“To challenge the official holocaust naarative is to challenge the lobby’s strength”

“I think the revisionists have opened a number of avenues in holocaust studies and you see how defensive the other side is in terms of putting people in jail for doubting the official naarative.  This has become like a religion.  It’s like some ancient religion in which you are a heretic if you don’t subscribe to it.  And this is what the holocaust religion has become.  Unfortunately, we are not in a situation where it can be discussed historically like any other historical event…”

On 9/11  (At minute 22:15)

“There was much more to it than the official government naarative…There is evidence that the Mossad knew about this in advance…5 Mossad agents were across the river filming and celebrating…”  Says report of “Jewish Supremacists” having prior knowledge of 9/11 “could be true.”  Says “Mossad had penetrated the hijacking group”

On David Duke (at minute 44:15):

“When it comes to talking about Israel-Palestine – David Duke and Pat Buchanan are more informative than Noam Chomsky or people on the left”

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